About the Artist 

My name is Kathleen Escobedo, and I’m an Arizona native, raised in the small farming town of Chandler.I began art lessons at the age of 9.

During high school I took three years of drafting, thinking I’d be an architect. Well, that didn’t happen, but I developed a life-long interest in architectural drawing and building design. I actually ended up getting a degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University with Art as my minor. Thirty years, several moves, three children and a business career came next, with a little time for painting sandwiched in when I could. My husband and I lived in Tucson for ten of those years, and I developed a real passion for the vivid contrasts I saw every day. My husband calls it the “Oh Wow!” factor. You see morning light hit an old mission church, or a tiny prickly cactus burst with this wildly colored, hugely silky bloom, and the immediate response is, “Oh, Wow!” 

Along the way I’ve explored lots of media, and have finally settled on four that speak to me. I know, you’re only supposed to pick one, but each one offers its own perfect expression. Watercolor, my first love, has a transparency that gives life, dimension and delicacy to a subject with it’s wonderful opportunities for layering. Acrylics offer a robust punch when I want to convey something monumental or the weathering of age. The intricacy of pencil reduces a subject to its most basic form, light and dark. And a lifelong love of pattern and stylized control is best expressed, for me, in ceramics. 

My current work is available at Vision Gallery in Chandler, Clay Hands Gallery in Tubac, and I am a member of Mesa Art Centers Co-op:  The Store.

And..... I do commissions:  contact me with your ideas.